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One Account Only

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 07, 2008 4:54 pm

Users are limited to one active account per user. Banned accounts do not count as active. Extra accounts will be deleted.

How Multiple Accounts Are Determined
-Users post from the same IP address.
-An account is created with a similar e-mail address (i.e. same username, but different service)

I CAN RENAME ACCOUNTS. If you want your account renamed, PM me. I may not respond, but if I do, I will respond saying whether your request was approved or denied.

Also, I was thinking about changing all Moderator names to begin with Mod. (i.e. whoojoseph will become Mod whoojoseph) I would become Admin i.

If you see any accounts that have the word Test, they might be one of my testing users. Being an admin, I have rights to everything, so I needed to create non-admin testing users to test exclusive ares where non-mods/admins are not allowed.

I also added a calendar, but there's not much need for it... URL change is tomorrow.
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