Mars Campaign: First Strike

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Mars Campaign: First Strike Empty Mars Campaign: First Strike

Post by Game Master on Mon Aug 25, 2008 4:26 am

Campaign: First Strike

Players: 3-5

  1. Admin as Xaq
  2. whoojoseph as Andres
  3. D.N.A. as Jericho Cele
  4. PandaWaffle as Monica
  5. sam as [Character Name TBA]

Since this is the first campaign, and the game is still in it's alpha stages, I'm going to let anyone join. Just PM me if you wanna play. In the future, campaign auditions will be:

Characters who are auditioning should PM the GM with:
A link to your character sheet
A scenario of combat consisting of as many actions your character has
A sample of some role playing as that character

No Godmoding
Do not post until you have been introduced. (I'll say something like Enter Xaq)
Nobody can post until I make the opening post.
Characters must be legal

Commander Tyler Zacchaeus stood by the ship's window. He gazed at the red planet that they were heading towards. He turned around to face the crew and hundreds of soldiers in front of him. "We will destroy these foul creatures. They've ruined what it means to be human. We must purify the human gene pool!" Everyone around him cheered loudly. When the crowd quieted down, he continued, "It's about time we showed these mutants who the real humans are!" They began to approach Mars. A large holographic map of Mars appeared in the center of the ship.
"Activate the cloaking field and set the landing cooridinates to .752 kilometers North of Olympus Mons. From there, we will make our attack on the foul beasts that live in the village atop of Olympus Mons. Once we've secured the old volcano, we must start fortifying the area. From there, we can spread towards Lycus Sulci and begin the invasion of Mars! The Martians don't stand a chance!"

8/30/08-We still need some more people to join. Sam, you need to create a proper character sheet still, but I've reserved a place for you already.
9/1/08-Okay, Sam, since you haven't made your character sheet, I'm going to introduce you later once you've made your sheet. If you don't make your sheet, you're out of the campaign. The Campaign Initiation Date might be know, since school has started and what yeah.
9/3/08-Blah, the initiation post MIGHT be a little early or a little late. I'm sneaking on right now, so I can't really do much. School has taken over most of my time so I haven't been able to work on the story much. I wil TRY hard to do as much as I can while I'm at school and have access to the computers in the library. Tomorrow's a Gold Day (which means I have two freaking hours afterschool to work on everything since I get off at 1:15) Wish me luck that my mom doesn't pick me up early, 'cause tomorrows the big day. Oh, and I'm getting a new computer, so I might not be able to post from home, since I'm supposed to be giving away the one I'm using right now...we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Campaign Will Be Initiated:
Thursday September 4, 2008 at 16:30 (4:30 PM)

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