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Post by Game Master on Mon Aug 25, 2008 3:38 am

After reading the rules, please post your character sheets here. Only post character sheets as they would appear for this game. If your character is incompatible with the rule book, I will Private Message you, suggesting ways to fix it. All players start out as Level 1. To reflect how your characters are growing during a campaign, feel free to edit your posts.

Remember that your basic stats are Muscles, Synapses, and Body.

Here's a template for you guys to follow to keep things nice and tidy (You don't need to follow this exactly, but you need all of these elements)

flair to next level

appearance: what the character looks like, hair, eyes, skin, height, weight, build, etc...

bio: where the character hails from, why he/she's like he/she is, his/her past

attributes: description why he/she has these attributes

defects: description why he/she has these defects

skills: description why he/she has these skills

stats equations
7+ Defect bonuses=n
n - Attribute costs - Skill costs - Weapon costs=x
x - Body - Muscle - Synapse [must be greater than or equal to] 0

Project i points: when you get them, to show how many Project i points you have at your disposal. It's good to keep an eye on these so that you have an accurate tally, when you spend make a note in the profile and notify the GM.

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Character Sheets Empty Re: Character Sheets

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 25, 2008 3:41 am

name Xaq
age 16
clan Talmeen
weapon Telekentic Powers with a 7-foot sword named Hoken [Heavy Ranged because he uses it with his powers as a projectile]

level 1
flair to next level 4
muscle 1
synapse 2
body 2
PP 0

Appearance: Xaq is about 5'5" and weighs about 125 pounds. He has dark skin and yellow eyes. His hair is long and black. He wears a black vest and pants. His muscular arms have been trained to wield his sword, Hoken, which he keeps in a silver sheath on his waist.

Bio: Xaq was born on Mars to two Talmeen parents. The elders always taught him to use his powers to help others, as was custom in his clan. But then, the Lunar warriors attacked. He was recruited as a soldier and was trained to fine-tune his abilites. Now, he's on his way to being ready to fight off all the men on the Moon.


I can stop a bullet - Yes, Xaq is a powerful young Talmeen. He's developed the power to halt bullets in their paths.

Eagle Eye - Xaq's vision is very precise and he can see very far. He notices every little detail as well.


Desecrator - His military training forced him to become extremely aggressive. He is often found wastes time smashing the corpses of his enemies into tiny bits.

Obsession - Xaq is obsessed with his sword. If it was ever taken from him, he would go crazy to try to get it.


Telekenetic Abilities - All Talmeen warriors are born capable of moving objects with their mind

Telepathy - Telepathy came naturally to Xaq. He was always able to read the minds of others and does this quite often.

All-Seeing Eye - During meditation, Xaq found a way to sense other people's presence.

stats equations
7 + 5 = 12
12 - 2 - 3 - 2 = 5
5 - 1 - 2 - 2 = 0

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Character Sheets Empty Re: Character Sheets

Post by whoojoseph on Mon Sep 01, 2008 8:03 am

Name Andres
Age 24
Clan Xanki
Weapon Sakabatou (reverse blade), approx. three feet long with no hilt guard.

Level 1
Muscle 2
Synapse 2
Body 2

Appearance: Somewhat long black hair, touching the collar of his shirt, tied by a blue headband. Semi-pale skin, green eyes. Wearing a white jacket with blue lining and collars and black a black hakama. He keeps his sword tied to his back with a pruple cloth, contrasting from his blue and white outfit.

Bio: Andres is supposedly from Colombia, but no one knows for sure. Before moving to Mars, he lived a simple life in a town by the outskirts of Manhattan working as an automotive engineer. When he had heard of the uprising apocalypse, he took along some clothes, his sakabatou (his most prized possession) and a battery-operated clock he had received as a gift from his girlfriend back on Earth. The radiations from Mars affected just about everything he brought with him: his clothes fused onto his body, and the batteries in the clock had started affecting Andres. He began to discharge electricity and soon would be soon an electrical being himself. His sakabatou also began outputting electricity and could manifest an electrical blade that can extend approximately 15 feet. Andres now takes part in the war between the Lunar and Martian colonies, not for peace but to find his long-lost girlfriend.

Soul Of The Sword - Ever since he had received his sakabatou, he's trained himself in the art of Hiiten Mitsurugi-Ryuu (or at least watches Rurouni Kenshin and pretends he knows what he's doing). And the electricity flowing through his body only adds to the awesomeness.

The Unstoppable Force - Think about it. You've got a guy with fierce green eyes who's got electricity flowing through his body. He's holding a sword that can grow five times its normal length. AND he can kill you.

Suicidal - After being separated by his girlfriend for so long, he begins to lose hope that she made it out alive. When he starts thinking so, he loses his will to live and does something stupid.

Desecrator - You'd think that being away from a loved one would tear someone apart. It's torn Andres up so bad that he has to tear other people up in order to relieve himself.

Weapon Connection - See description for Soul Of The Sword.

Stats equations
7 + 3 (Suicidal) + 4 (Desecrator) = 14
14 - 2 (SotS) - 2 (WC) - 4 (UF) = 6
6 - 2 - 2 - 2 = 0

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Character Sheets Empty Re: Character Sheets

Post by D.N.A. on Mon Sep 01, 2008 8:35 am

Name Jericho Cele
Age 30
Clan Jumbi
Weapon 14 foot long extra heavy duty link of chain HM

Level: 1
Flair to next Level:4
Muscle: 3 +1(exclusive)
Synapse: 2
Body: 1

Appearance: Jericho stands at 7 feet even, and weighs roughly 405 pounds. He has a rather large and dirty rectangular face, and small, dug in, green eyes. Lining his chin and jaw-line is a five o clock shadow that seems to never grow or get shaven away. His hair is a long and messy brown, the keeps out of his eyes with a dark green bandana tied to act as a sweat band which covers a rather large scar on his forehead from a previous war battle. His apparel is basic: normally, all that is draped over his torso is a muscle tight wife beater, varying in color that seems to perfectly curve around his massive sculpted body, but often also wears a duffle coat in cold climated conditions. His length of chain normally wraps at least once around his neck and falls down at about his knee length. He wears extremely worn dark green cargo pants supported by a thick light brown canvas belt, and large black working boots.

Bio: Jericho is the veteran of many wars between the Martians and lunar forces. His true parents are unknown to him, as they left him on the steps of a military base approximately three days after his birth. From then on, he was brought up on the base, and became a fine soldier, eventually rising up the ranks and earning himself the name of Jumbi. He was so devoted to the force, in fact, that he lived, and even raised his own family on the military base itself. Life seemed wonderful for Jericho. However, things would soon change. Returning back to base after a year long’s siege on the Martian base of Alba Patera, Cele was shocked and overwhelmed with grief to find that the entire military base was invaded by incognito Martian soldiers that went out and murdered every one on the base grounds. Among the casualties was Jericho’s family; his wife and two sons. A year went by, when finally, depression turned to a blind fury, which beckoned Jericho to take action. And so, Jericho Cele set out one last time to Mars to seek bloody vengeance for his family.

Attributes: Die by my muffin! Other weapons, as well as Jericho’s chain, seem to melt into his hands perfectly. He has learned through years of training and combat experience that literally anything can be used as a weapon. The Unstoppable Force In the past, Mars could stop Jericho. What makes you think it can now?

Defects: Desecrator The hatred and the anger that has been bottle up for over a year finally pours out in battle…in the form of mortal red. Suicidal Cele died with his family on the moon. If anything, he would prefer to be dead, so he could be with them now.


stats equations
6 - 1 -3 -2 =0

Project i points: 0
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Character Sheets Empty Monica Ecouter

Post by pandaWaffle on Thu Sep 04, 2008 2:01 am

weapon_katana/samurai sword ("You-ou" [meaning Hawk King])[heavy melee]

flair to next lvl_4



appearance_Monica has short black hair reaching her chin and bangs that gather inbetween her brown eyes.
She has a bit of a baby face, causing people to think is 19.
She wears a black outfit composed of loose pants resembling hakama, a dark gray body suit, and durable, black flats.

bio_To avoid a lengthy bio: Monica is a ninja.
She would have worked for the goverment, but that doesn't pay as well as being a mercenary.
Monica prefers using hand-to-hand combat and occassionally, her sword, You-ou.
For various reasons, Monica was unable to obtain any nutrious foods and, as a result, developed a weak immune system.
She's generally calm and quiet. She doesn't get angry unless she sees some bad parenting. She's not sure why, but it's possible it's feelings from a previous life.
When she's not busy being a ninja and beating people up, Monica like to make sushi in the dark.

_soul of the sword: Monica found You-ou in her attic and immediatly bonded with the soul inside the sword. (Yes, these sword actually has its own soul.)
_eagle eye: Ninja have to be completely aware of their surrondings. Monica is so attentive, she can almost see atoms twitch.
_wind walk

_sickness: She'd take vitamins but Monica can't find Celestial Gummies any more.
_loud noises scare me: Monica is used to a quiet environment. Any sudden loud noises can make her panic.

_weapon connection
_martial artist

7 +2+2 =11
11 -2-0 -2-1 -1=6
6 -2 -2 -2 = 0
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Character Sheets Empty Re: Character Sheets

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