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Post by Game Master on Mon Aug 25, 2008 3:38 am

The Talmeen are the Martian mind warriors. They can read minds and move objects without touching them. They are usually found with their weapons floating around them waiting to be used for attack. Powerful Talmeen can throw enemies around using just their mind.

Talmeen warriors use weapons like knives and swords, but they all count as ranged weapons. Very few Talmeen enjoy using melee weapons because the Talmeen don't need close combat. Their mind becomes a muscle. The more they exercise their telekentic abilities, the heavier objectst they can move. Newborn Talmeen can usually only move small things like toys and blocks. But, as they exercise, they begin to move heavier objects like trucks or even buildings.

All Talmeen are created with the "Telekentic Abilities" skill.

Exclusive Traits/Abilities


~I can stop a bullet
Cost: 2 Creation Points
Some Talmeen are powerful enough to stop bullets and laser beams in their path. They sense where the bullet is going to hit, and put a warp that either alters the path of the bullet, or stops it dead.
When faced against some sort of ranged weaponry, the GM rolls a die to determine whether or not the bullet is stopped. If the die lands on 1 or 6, the bullet is successfully stopped and no damage is dealt. If the die lands on 2 or 5, the bullet is slowed down and the character takes half damage. If the die lands on 3 or 4, the move was uncessful, and the character takes full damage.


~Weak mind
Bonus: 1 Creation Point
This Talmeen has weak powers. He can barely lift objects weighing more than 50 pounds. Weak-minded Talmeen can never develop the All-Seeing Eye skill.


~Telekentic Abilities
Cost: 0 Creation Points
All Talmeen warriors are born capable of moving objects with their mind. When they use their telekentic abilities, they accumulate some extra Flair points. +1 Flair point for every time they use their abilities in at least one action per post (They only get 1 Flair point even if they use Telekentic Abilities in more than one action in the same post)

Cost: 1 Creation Point or 5 PP
When a warrior becomes strong enough, they can read the minds of others and transmit messages through their minds. Talmeen with this ability don't have to speak out loud to communicate with each other. This gives them a tactical advantage. There are two kinds of telepathy. One is active telepathy. During a non-combat phase, a Talmeen will post something like "I read _____'s mind. [Telepathy]" and the GM will either PM the player or post what the character in question is thinking. The second is passive telepathy. During combat, a telepathic warrior can predict what the enemy is going to do.

~All-Seeing Eye
Cost: 2 Creation Point or 10 PP
The trained warrior can use his telepathic abilities to detect enemies within a half-mile radius in all directons. When someone is within the half-mile radius, the Talmeen can sense their presence, what they look like and how powerful they are. Using this info, they can determine further action such as fighting back, fleeing or accepting an ally. A Talmeen with the All-Seeing Eye cannot be snuck up on.

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