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Post by Game Master on Mon Aug 25, 2008 3:37 am

Like to shoot big blue bolts of electricity from your arms? You must be one of the Xanki. These energy-maniacs control electricity. They have the power to move electrons. Exceptionally powerful Xanki can pinpoint the nerve ends of their enemies and shock them to produce excruciating pain.

All Xanki are cursed with the defect "I Can't Swim"

Exclusive Traits/Abilities


~Energy Boost
Cost: 1 Creation Point
Xanki with energy boost can draw electricity from everything. They can even take it from the air. This gives them an extra attack boost equal to half of the player's level (rounded up)


~I Can't Swim
Bonus: 0 Creation Points
All Xanki cannot use their powers in sea water. They can interact with water in normal ways like swimming, drinking, etc. but they can't use their powers when complely submerged in waters. Should they try shooting electricity underwater, their powers are directed towards all people touching the water (including himself and allies)


~Mega Thunder Bolt
Cost: 5 Creation Points or 25 PP
This skill, which can only be used once per battle, is a final trump card, but a huge gamble. The GM rolls a die. If the die lands on 2, 3 or 4, the bonus damage dealt is equal to the character's level. If the die lands on 5, the damage dealt is equal to TWICE the character's level. If the die lands on 6, the damage dealt is equal to THREE TIMES the character's level. But, if the die lands on 1, the bolt backfires, and the character loses 1 body point.

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