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Post by Game Master on Mon Aug 25, 2008 3:36 am

The Raiden are the ghosts of the Martians. They can temporarily cloak themselves and have been trained to be silent assassins. Yeah, these guys are more sneaky than ninjas. The best Raidens can infiltrate enemy security systems without so much a bleep in the security system.

All Raiden have the Attribute "Wind Walk" It's a passive trait (which means that you don't have to put [Wind Walk] after every action) that doesn't count for the 4 attribute/defects slots.

Exclusive Traits/Abilities


~Wind Walk
Cost: 0 Creation Points
Raiden are silent, but deadly. Their steps are dead silent, and they move quickly and swiftly without making a single sound. They don't trip alarms or trigger traps.


Bonus: 2 Creation Points
No one knows why you're still considered a Raiden. You make a lot of noise when you move, and aren't exactly "sneaky" Often, you're caught by surprise because you think you're being all quiet, when suddenly you're attacked!


Cost: 3 Creation Points or 15 PP
A Raiden's most revered ability. Some Raiden are issued cloaking fields, which renders them completely invisible to all but fellow Talmeens. A GM rolls a die. If the die lands on anything but 1, it means that the attacker missed and all damage dealt is decreased to 0. If the die does happen to land on 1, the attacker gets lucky and hits the invisible Raiden, dealing full damage and disabling the cloaking device for the rest of the battle. If the attacker has "Good Luck" or the Raiden is "Loud", then the probability of being hit is increased, meaning that if the GM rolls a 1 or a 2 (instead of rolling 1 only) the attacker makes his hit.

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