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Post by Game Master on Mon Aug 25, 2008 3:32 am

These guys are ultra-crafty ones. They can take some trash off the ground, a few hairs from their face and some baby lotion and make...a laser gun. Yeah, these guys can makeshift anything! Weapons, tools, food, clothes...they can make nearly anything out of anything.

All Shoni have the attribute "I Like to Build Stuff" that doesn't count towards the 4 attributes/defects slots.

Exlusive Traits/Abilities


~I Like to Build Stuff
Cost: 0 Creation Points
You could take any object given to you by a GM and turn it into anything! Take some old cans, string, a six-month-old taquito and make... a rocket launger. O_o Of course, it's up to the GM to decide whether or not you succeed in making whatever you were making. The harder the object is to make, the less likely the GM is going to let you succeed in making it.


~Instruction Manual
Bonus: 2 Creation Points
What's this? You're NOT creative? Yup, Shoni with this defect usually need some sort of instruction or guidance. They can still create things on their own, but they're easily baffled by simple things.


~Pwnage Device
Cost: 5 Creation Points or 25 PP
Your creation pwns all. It doesn't matter whatever the hell it looks like, it just owns. It could be some giant ray gun, or a tiny little orb that blinks. Damage dealt is equal to your level times 5. Flair bonuses are 3 times your level.

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