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Post by Game Master on Mon Aug 25, 2008 3:31 am

These guys are the strong ones. They've bulked up on muscle from living in the few artificial gravity areas of the moon. Some Jumbi have been specially trained to master any weapon available. They'll go as far as slapping someone with a steak, or burning people with a hot pot of stew.

Jumbi are created with an extra Muscle point.

Exclusive Traits/Abilities


~Die by my Muffin!
Cost: 3 Creation points
Your character has learned from the most elite trainers in the Solar system, and can turn almost anything in sight into a lethal weapon. Whatever the case, any type of scenery used as a weapon gets the attack bonus of either a super heavy ranged or super heavy melee weapon, depending on how it was used.


Bonus: 2 Creation Points
This Jumbi is unusually vulnerable. Focusing so much time on his attacking powers, he has no defensive capabilities. As a result, if a Vulnerable Jumbi's attack is less than an enemy's Threat or Attack, they lose TWO body instead of one.


Cost: 3 Creation Points
Standard F3a-1G wings were given to you. They give you aditional mobility AND +1 Flair for every 2 synapse you have.

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