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Post by Game Master on Mon Aug 25, 2008 3:29 am

The Lenti are the genius hackers. They're usually the ones planning and creating tactics behind the lines. All Lenti have some minor weapons training as well. They're really smart. Twenty steps ahead of the enemy, these guys with enough resources can predict enemy movements extremely precisely.

The Lenti attack using robots that they created. These robots could be giant mech monsters, or small little mini-probes with uber-laser guns. They all are also equipped with a laptop computer of some sort.

Exclusive Traits/Attributes


Cost: 1 Creation Point
They gain extensive knowledge via laptop. Information is given to the Lenti via GM PM. Occasionally, at GM's discretion, the Lenti doesn't gain any information.


~Robot Malfunction
Bonus: 2 Creation Point
Your robot has a few glitches. This causes it to occasionally malfunction and deal no damage. Half of your actions per post must be wasted on robot malfunction.


~Big Gun
Cost: 7 Creation Points or 35 PP
OMG squared. Your robot is simply pwnage. Your mech's gun is so powerful, it counts as a ranged, heavy ranged, AND super heavy ranged all at once! It's a MEGA ULTRA HEAVY RANGED. And it's flair bonus is 3 times the characters level!

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