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Post by Admin on Mon Aug 25, 2008 1:54 am

Yup! Finally, the RPG is up for alpha testing. Try to get some people to join, so we can start the testing campaign soon. Once we got about 3-6 people, we can begin the campaign and start the testing!!! I still gotta add some more clan stuff like more traits...but I can do that later. Much thanks to Xombie: RPG who actually created the rules to begin with, and thanks to D.N.A. from Gazebo: COMMUNISM who inspired me to make this RPG. (I wish he could be the GM here.)

In other news...

I reorganized the forum. It's a bit more compact and conventient now. Most of the "Talk About Stuff" items have been put in a category called "Media" and General Discussion topics have all been moved to "Talk About Other Stuff" I also fixed up the "Stuff You Made" and put most of it into "Eye Candy" I also added a music board.

Also, I got rid of the spam board.

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